Punta Liatoghju

2h loop, Ostriconi area

Faire des randonnées en Haute Corse

Punta Liatoghju, 2 hour loop

Today I'm taking you to the gates of the Agriate desert about thirty minutes from the house (no there is no fault it does not take s in the plural it's Corsican ;-)), a pretty ballad which starts at a place called Domaine des Agriate (see photo below) which is located on the balanina (road N1197) between Pietralba and Ile Rousse. A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.
l'Agriate café
randonnée autour de l'Ostriconi
Les chevaux de l'Ostriconi, départ du désert de l'Agriate

The departure is right next to the Agriate café.

Once the car is parked, we take a slightly dented track that the shepherds still use to join the few herds on the estate, and also a few horses. The trail is in the shade of fig trees and huge bramble bushes, undoubtedly heavy with fruit in August.

Randonnée en Corse, découverte des agriates , La Punta Liatoghju

the Pagliaghju

The first step of our journey was to find a place to have a picnic because at half past twelve my youngest daughter was "very very very hungry", and it was quickly found next to a Pagliaghju (landing) where the shepherds s 'sheltered during the transhumance, and where we could also shelter the wheat that had just been threshed in the aghja (era of threshing). A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.
Bergerie troglodyte, les agriates , La Punta Liatoghju, randonnée dans la micro region de L'agriate

The troglodyte sheepfold

After our first stop, we leave and discover a troglodyte dwelling, which lately serves more to house sheep than shepherds (it smells of sheep in it), this kind of construction remains quite rare in Corsica (but we find several in the desert des agriates, historic site of Haute Corse transumance), it is completely integrated into the landscape, its stones being the same color as the rock on which it is based.
Les murs en pierres sèches typique corse

Dry stone walls

We then take the right path, the left one leading back to the sea, and after a climb (which goes up well, even if the difference in level on the paper is only 200m), we can admire the landscape and the typical vegetation of the Agriate desert: myrtle bush, strawberry trees, heather as far as the eye can see. All along the way, we discover dry stone walls, typical of the region, that the ancients built to delimit the plots.
hameau abandonnée, randonnée de La Punta Liatoghju, en Haute Corse

The abandoned village

Along the way, we meet other pagliaghi, a casgile, and even a small abandoned hamlet, with its aghja (threshing floor).
randonnée de La Punta Liatoghju

We pass on paths lined with rosemary, which is in bloom on this November 1st, gigantic bushes of myrtle, look like olive trees as they are high, but no risk of confusing the berry with an olive, the subtle scent (and the November wind) suddenly makes me want a little liqueur.
La plage de l'Ostriconi, est une des plus belle plage de Haute Corse et se trouve à 30 min de notre chambre d'Hôte

Small fall swim

Once at the bottom, you have one last choice: on the right the sheepfolds of Gradu with its tower which makes it look like a small fortified castle, or the beach ... What choice was ours on November 1st? ....