The tip of the Revellata

3h round trip

carte Haute Corse, pointe de la Revallata


West of the Gulf of Calvi, we find one of the most important lighthouses of the Isle of Beauty: the Revellata lighthouse. Built on the rocky point of the eponymous peninsula, the lighthouse marks out an area stretching from Ile Rousse to the Gulf of Girolata. This monument was put under construction in 1838, after the creation of a commission which decided to surround the island with 5 first-rate lighthouses It is a square tower with exposed stones that stands on a rectangular base, and which rises a hundred meters above the sea. The lighthouse houses a Center for Oceanographic Studies.
randonnée pointe de la Revallata

The path leading to the Revellata lighthouse is part of the famous Sentier des Douaniers (or Sentier du Littoral). To get there, we advise you to take the Route de Porto (the D81b), which goes through the coast, after having passed the citadel of Calvi. The trail begins with a dirt track, on which only 4 × 4 can travel. A little further on, you can start your walk along the rocks of Revellata, to come out on a succession of small coves.
Randonnée, pointe de la Revallata, près de Calvi

Don't forget water

Remember to take enough water because there is no shade on the whole walk, and it is quickly felt. Moreover, the hike is often closed in July and August because it is too hard. But it remains rather easy because we walk on a dirt track.