Walk in the chestnut region of Castagniccia

Road Trip and walk to Chappelle St Giorgio

carte corse chapelle San Girorgio
carte chapelle san Giorgio
chapelle St giorgio en Castagniccia, randonnée familiale en Haute Corse

How to get there?

Take the D71 for Morosaglia, cross the Col de Prato to Piedicroce. Go down to the sources of Orezza then the D506, then go up the D46 towards Rapaggio and Valle d'Orezza. finally take the small road to the hamlet of Poghje, then turn right.

village de Morosaglia, en Castagniccia

The village of Morosaglia, 1st stage

This remarkable village, at the beginning of the "Castagniccia" region, is crowned with a hillock surmounted by the Romanesque church of Santa Reparata. It faces Monte San Petrone, the slopes of which are covered with beech trees towards the top and chestnut trees on the lower level, and which is about five kilometers "as the crow flies".
Pascal Paoli , père de la nation Corse

The village of Pasquale Paoli

Morosaglia is the homeland of Pascal Paoli born in 1725 in the hamlet of Stretta. Father of the Corsican nation, he was at the same time a Corsican general, the head of the independent Corsican Republic, a democrat, a patriot and a man of the Enlightenment. A museum was created in his birthplace. His statue stands at the entrance to the village
Couvent d'Orezza, monument historique à Piedicroce  en castagniccia , découverte du patrimoine historique corse

Orezza, 2nd stage

On the road to go to the chapel, you will find the convent of Orezza, well known for being the place of the natural sigcorse of the Corsican constitution, which was the beginning of Corsican independence, and which despite the fact that it lasted only 14 years, marked the century of light, by its modernity. The convent of Orezza was founded in 1485 by observantins. It later passed into the hands of the Franciscans who built a church there (33 meters by 11 meters) with six chapels, probably in the seventeenth century. It became one of the key places in the struggle of Corsica against the Republic of Genoa.
source d'Orezza

The source of Orezza

Take the opportunity to go and discover the source of Orezza, with its naturally sparkling water. Known since Roman Antiquity, the sparkling natural mineral waters of Orezza arise in the village of Rapaghju, in the heart of the majestic Castagniccia. Authorized by ministerial decree on April 25, 1856, thermal water, remarkable for its richness in iron, treated cases of anemia, nervous system disorders, malaria, and liver and kidney ailments. Now reserved for the table, Orezza water is part of the common heritage of all Corsican.
Randonnée chapelle St Giorgio, en Castagniccia

St Giorgio Chapel: 3rd stage

Once you arrive at the hamlet of Poghje (Valle d'Orezza), you will have to park the car. Go up a small road on foot, you will pass in front of a few houses, the path begins just after, you will pass in front of a charming rustic fountain in the middle of the chestnut grove (additional mention known to visit you in autumn you will be able to find many chestnuts), the path continues on the right, (the path quickly becomes quite small) and you continue to climb up to the chapel (about 25 min of walk), the walk is very pleasant because it is entirely under the trees, as often in Castagniccia. Once you arrive, you can also go on other hikes: the Albi pass (1 hour) and the Arcarota pass (1 hour 20 minutes). But as for us, we preferred to stop there, night falls quickly in autumn.
cochons corse en liberté region Castagniccia

La Castagniccia, the region of pigs

In this part of Corsica, you will be able to see many pigs, most of them living in freedom under the chestnut trees to enjoy their fruits there in the fall, and what gives the Corsican charcuterie so particular taste.