the region

The Asco river

10 minutes away Many small spots of paradise for swimming, starting from the bottom of Moltifao and going up to the river of Asco. The higher you go, the colder the water is.

Ostriconi Beach

25 minutes Ostriconi beach is located about 15 km from L'Ile-Rousse.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, at the gates of the famous Agriates desert, known for its amazing coastline.

Accessible only on foot by a path from the old main road, it will offer you in return a breathtaking panorama. Unrolling its 800m of fine sand, and its white dunes, it is a paradise for holidaymakers and for the inhabitants of central Corsica.

Losari Beach

40 minutes

The beautiful beach of Lozari is located 7km from L'Ile-Rousse. Approximately 700m long, it will lend itself to your favorite leisure activities: idleness, sand castles for children, jet-skiing but also all sports related to sailing. The instructors are waiting for you for great moments of pleasure.

Free parking will allow you to leave your vehicle at the entrance to the beach.

Ile Rousse

50 minutes

Dominating one of the most beautiful gulfs in the Mediterranean, in the north west of Corsica in the heart of Balagne, L'Ile-Rousse, is a must-see place combining conviviality and well-being for the whole family.


20 minutes Occupying a central position on the island, Corte is the historical and cultural capital of Corsica. The “Paoli City” was indeed chosen by Pascal Paoli as the capital of independent Corsica (between 1755 and 1769).

Since 1997, its citadel has housed the Museum of Corsica.

Parc Asco Vallée Aventure

20 minutes Tree climbing, tyrotrekking, via ferrata. See their site:

The lakes of Melo and Capitello

10 km from Corte

TREK Located in the upper valley of Restonica, a few kilometers from Corte, the glacial lakes of Melo and Capitello are among the best known and most frequented in the region. The start of the hike is at the Bergeries de Grotelle, at the very end of the D623, a narrow and winding road that goes up the Restonica gorges from Corte.

Hikes and walks

La Punta Liatoghju

La pointe de la Revallata

St Giorgio Chapel

Castle of Serravalle